Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Hammer

Two spot illo's i did last week, for Little Shoppe of Horrors #21. It's the first time(and not the last) I've contributed to Richard and Nancy Klemensen's lovingly produced magazine, a personal favourite, and required reading for anyone who cares about Hammer, or British horror movies in general. It's a fanboy thrill to participate.

#21 will focus on The Curse of Frankenstein , out in September.


Sean Covernton said...

AWESOME illo! You know when I was a kid I was a Dracula fanatic but as I got older I have ended up liking the Frankenstein productions better. Dracula always ends up seeming kind of pathetic because he goes through all the trouble of getting raised for, like, 20 minutes only to get put down again. I wish they'd done ONE cross-dissolve where Lee kind of rolls his eyes with that "here we go again" look. Taste the Blood of Dracula's still really great though. What's your favorite?

nvokes said...

Shane -
thanks for the kind comments on my That's All Vokes blog- it's a pleasure to finally connect- Adrian Salmon and i are fans of your art also- we stumbled on your blog awhile back because of your Ollie Wolf piece- very happy to see you're in the new LSOH with us next ish-stay in touch,pal!

paulhd said...

Shane, beautiful artwork as always, and a wonderful version of Peter Cushing.

Craig Zablo said...


Just discovered your blog from a link at Neil Vokes' site. Any artist good enough for him and all that. I really like your art and have bookmarked your blog for return visits.

Keep up the great work!

dribbs said...

Corkin' mate, you really caught the mood. What a talented bastid you are

shane oakley said...

sean - i know what y mean about DRACULA, but, that seemed to be the formula for most of the franchise monsters - spend half-the-film bringing em back, then kill em!
it's a shame they didn't give chris lee much more to do, and more screen time in the later films. i do love TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA, it's dark, brutal and a little seedy, ralph bates is brill, and it's got a great cast in general.
I also love DRACULA - PRINCE OF DARKNESS. a solid creepy slice of gothic, with the added plus of andrew keir as 'father sandor', now there's a spin-off movie they shoulda done.
but, i'd have to say my favorite is the 1958 DRACULA by the great terence fisher.not just cus it was the first, but because it's lee's finest performanceas of the count, and the most true to the original book, and it just looks so gorgeous and atmospheric.

neil - i'm chuffed you are a fan. and double-chuffed for the BIG mention on your blog.i WILL stay in touch, i like the idea of this little corner of the comics industry where grown men proudly display their love for the monsters! thanks agen, neil.

paul - cheers, mate. peter cushing has a great face for drawing.

craig - thankyou for dropping by, neil does have good taste.

dribbs - cheers,dears! the mood is where i like to be taken...

Boatwright said...


These are awesome man. I'm a big fan of the Hammer Frankenstein series. (Hammer in genereal as you may well know!)