Friday, August 01, 2008

A Pitch from the Vault!

Just before the Albion mini-series happened, i was busy bombarding publishers with pitches, left, right and centre. Most were in collaboration with a writer, but a couple i was hoping to write and draw all by mesen. Had very little response, which i think was down to my art style and the whole 'idiosyncratic tone' of my stories, since i was pig-sick bored with 'deep and meaningful' and 'dark and gritty', and wanted to do something that was more playful/joyful and a little old fashioned.

My aim was to do a character that may have existed, if, back in the 60's, the British comics industry had taken a different path, kinda an 'alternate reality' comic, but, at the same time, i wanted to celebrate everything i loved about classic escapist TV shows, like The Avengers, Dr. Who and the Gerry Anderson stuff, along with all the IPC and Odhams comic strip greats.

Obviously it never happened, but i was able to channel a lot of that energy/enthusiasm into Albion.

And in a selfish way i was trying to push for that feel and attitude when working with Alan, John and Leah, cus I thought readers might've bin more receptive to Albion, if it had jumped right into that whimsical 'otherplace', and, y know, just had more fun with it. But maybe not...

I did many drawings for this particular 'dream project', which is best summed up as a supernatural detective horror comedy; Spellbinder playing Dick Barton.

Here's some of the art that went with the pitch, and, yes, he's supposed to look like Grimly Feendish.


Craig Zablo said...

There you are again with all the nice work! LOL! Thanks for sharing.

Sean Covernton said...

Super awesome vampire!

shane oakley said...

craig and sean -cheers!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Fab work !!