Sunday, September 21, 2008

From Spain with a Double-barrel Boom!!

Not long got back to dear old Blighty, after a leisurely loll-around in Spain. And though it was good to get my pale arse outta my cobwebbed studio and walk in the sun and sea air, i must confess i'm rubbish at relaxing, and do 'nothing' very badly. I'm not a sun-worshipper(though it's preferable to a grey, wet and miserable English summer), i don't like the typical tourist sight-seeing stuff, and i don't drink gallons of lager and stay out whizzing-of-me-tits to German techno.

I suppose i just never really 'switch off', I like to have my brain engaged with something.

And just before we left for our holiday, it was firmly engaged with three very exciting projects. One, which is already scheduled, is a horror-thriller mini-series written by the masterful hand of Alan Grant. Which I'll be starting before the end of the year. Another is a 16-page colour adaption of a story by Louisa May Alcott for Graphic Classics. And the third, just came outta-the-blue. It's a pitch collaboration with an amazing talent from outside the comics industry, it's in it's early stages, but its one of those projects you dream about and fall in love with - and I'm head-over-heels!

More on all, soon. Meantime, a sketch from that pitch and the logo-less covers to Cthulhu Tales #9, and Zombie Tales #8, both out in early November.


Sean Covernton said...

Very inspired by your sketch of that location.

paulhd said...

Whoo hoo, Oakley comics! Great news.

Eric Orchard said...

As always amazing and beautiful work.
Love the atmosphere and mood portrayed.

shane oakley said...

sean - thankyou. the sketch was drawn in spain, with me thinking about st.ives, as if it was in prague, if y get me.

paul - it IS great news, though a little scary. scary like at the top of a big dipper, keep your ears open for the screams!

eric - thankyou for the kind words. 'mood and atmosphere' is a personal mantra. i think i chant it in my sleep.

Mark Buckingham said...

All three are wonderful in very different ways.
The sketch has a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere and I love the freedom of line.
I love the pure cartoony quality of the Zombie piece... channeling 60's Tom& Jerry and those Brit comics of our youth into modern Horror. Really inspired. Love it.
The Cluthu Tales cover is quite simple a work of artistic perfection.Perfect balance between realism and stylistic design... spot blacks to die for... and an image that immediately sent shivers down my spine. The perfect monster/ horror image.
An amazing selection.

shane oakley said...

bucky!! you win a 'no-prize' for the best blog comment to date, and, YES! it is because it's all lyrical compliments and insightful praise, i feel like a bit of that at the moment - many thanx for taking the time to make me blush. see you in brum for some pints and he-manly hugs.