Monday, October 26, 2009

Just Treats

Halloween. It's like Xmas for horror fans.

One time a year when our obsession infects the whole nation; when reality turns into a day-glo Mardi Gras of the Macabre. Streets and shops are decked out like late night creature feature-movie sets.
Teen-zombies and vampire goth girls dance the Monster Mash and things go-go bump and grind in the night.
And Boris Karloff and Vincent Price stalk TV screens, as ghoulishly-garbed children knock at the door threatening a fire-bombing if they don't get a six pack of lager and some cigs(or mebbe that's just in Stoke?).

Halloween with it's cheap plastic skulls, Jack-o-Lanterns, bats, Frankenstein masks, hairy horror hands, Drac fangs ,Witches hats and Haunted House shows. Gaudy, gory and gloriously gruesome.

Personally, i think once a year is not near enough.

For those who get that same chiller-thrill every October Creepfest, i offer you a deliciously dark selection of links, guaranteed to send a diabolical tingle(r) down your hunchbacked spine.

David Hartman

Belle Dee

Pete Von Sholly


Sean Covernton said...

The Voodoo Blues image is beautiful! Ah hell they're all beautiful!

shane oakley said...

such sights and wonders, but they hurt my eyes, i cannot look away...