Friday, August 13, 2010

Old and New Sketches


Staz Johnson said...

Dmn Shane, you're so good it scares me.

jon haward said...

are you going to do a art book with this stuff? some wonderful characters there :-)

Mark Buckingham said...

These are astounding Shane!!!
Works of genius!
The group sketches are all delightful. I Really love that second piece of Frankie, beautiful technique with the color. I really love the last one of the Vampire too. Nice combo of pencil shading and subtle computer color on the tentacle mouthed monster...
... They are all just fabulous!
Jon's art book idea is a great suggestion!

D'Israeli said...

Blimey, Oak, this stuff is a revelation - you've got a great eye for the graphic use of subtle colour. Enveee.

shane oakley said...

staz - cheers! scary is my business.

jon and bucky - thankyou for the kind words.
i have considered putting out a sketchbook, but i fear they'll end up stuck in a corner of an already cluttered studio.

matt - cheers, mate.
your comment means a lot, not just cus you're one of the top ten colourists in the industry.

don't be a stranger...

Gary Crutchley said...

I gotta agree with everyone here, mate. This is loverlee.
Amazing and subtle colours.
Wot Corkers!

-Kristian said...

These are the things of beauty, your are def one of my many inspirations.

What mediums did you use, watercolor? Brush pen?

shane oakley said...

gary - thankyou.
i just need some filthy rich eccentric to feel the same so he can pay me to sketch for the rest of my life

kristian - yer making me blush!
i use a lot of markers but i favour PILOT 0.1, the PITT brush pen and more recently the COPIC brush pen(more expensive but it keeps it's point longer).

the 'wash effect' is mostly grey marker used very quickly with a skimming motion to give that faded/graduated look.
you can also get some subtle results if you use them on the reverse of your drawing, but this ain't easy without a light box.

thanx for dropping in.