Saturday, December 18, 2010

sketches doodles old new lost found here there part two


Mark Buckingham said...

Another lovely selection!
Some fabulous character designs on the first three, fabulously expressive style on the fourth and wonderful atmosphere on the fifth!
More please!

Laughing Indio said...

See thousands and thousands of Comic artists and wannabe comic artists all over the planet try and reboot the BatVillians all the time, Shane comes along and Wallop! Four absolute corkers all on the same page!!! I absolutely love it!
D.C should take you up on a fully painted Shane Oakley Batman comic it would be fucking excellent!
Wonderfully rendered nipple by the way!!!

shane oakley said...

i thankyou, good sir!
plenty more down the side of the sofa...

indio! what's a tit without a well-rendered nip?

on earth wha? I've won countless awards for my take on the batman(and there's the animated show and toy line), but alas, on this earth DC give me nothing but scorn and ridicule.
cheers for the vote!