Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Shadow

I love the pulps. That two-fisted, unashamed shock-horror aesthetic; lurid, thrilling, violent and dodgidly erotic - a real nightmare for the PC police. Which is always a good thing.

We got class acts that grew from those racks of semi-clad damsels tied to torture tables; Doc Savage, G-8, The Phantom Detective and Maxwell Grant's The Shadow.
The Shadow;
a no-messing mysterious midnight vigilante with billowing crimson-lined cape, slouch hat, spooky eyes, hawk-nose and blazing 45's.

As a teenager i was smitten at first sight. Still smitten.

I guess time and space would have to fold over and reshape before I'd ever be given the chance to draw my favorite 'Dark Avenger' in the funnybooks , but meantime doing this commission gave me just the right kinda fix i needed.

Sorry for the long wait, Mr. H.


paulhd said...

Shame time and space won't fold over really. Beautiful work, Sir!

Gary Crutchley said...

Oh my, that's really, really, REALLY rather good.
I can see you had fun and inspiration doing this Shane.
You would draw a crackin Shadow book, mate and I would love to see it. And, I bet I wouldn't be the only one.
Awesome. Alan must be well pleased.

Mark Buckingham said...

Looks wonderful, Shane!
Really nice design!

shane oakley said...

glad u dug. many thanx!