Friday, February 10, 2012


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Ted Blackman said...

I was fortunate to have been able to work with Jack when he was doing develop with us at Ruby Spears Animation when I was there in the mid 80s. He was more than a great artist, he was a gentleman and held no grudges against Marvel. He was friendly to everyone.

It's a shame both he and wife Ros are gone without receiving any share in the Marvel profits. It should have happened when they were alive.

shane oakley said...

Ted - I envy you. I blew my only chance of meeting him(same with Will Eisner)and forever regret it.

But his art and writing had so much personality/spirit you do kinda feel close; like you know him.

And it's refreshing to have a 'hero' who never gets dirt thrown at him, cus the guy was a true gent - and everyone sez so.

Marvel has turned into a bloated corrupted abomination. They will never directly get any money from me.