Wednesday, August 15, 2007


If you like your horror comics served up with steaming guts and EC relish, may i direct you to the 1st issue of Gene Simmons House of Horrors. A new quarterly anthology from IDW Publishing. For you money(and it's a lot of bucks at $9.99)you get five stand alone comic strips, each introduced by self-professed 'Rock God' Gene Simmons, who acts as a Crypt Keeper-style host, only uglier.

My good pals, and Albion sparring partners, Leah Moore and John Reppion contribute an eight pager, 'Into the Woods'', a blood-spattered supernatural yarn, drawn by the gore-crazed Jeff Zornow.

Jeff, incidentally, has done the art for a line of horror-themed t-shirts, one of which i received as a birthday gift(June the 6th, for those who want to take note...)from John and Leah. And mighty tasty it is.

Pop over and buy one at; , and for more of Jeff Zornows gruesome goodness go to;

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