Monday, August 13, 2007

Uggly Monday; Ammona


steve pugh said...

Hi Shane, i just found the blog.
I've been skimming back through your sketches, i know it must be old news to you, but, damn, you're good!
I really envy natural artists-
i have to hack away for hours making stuff "less bad"
Any cool projects coming up? (i'm really out of touch)

shane oakley said...

Cheers, Steve! It doesnt always come easy for me, either. There's plenty of hair-pulling and cursing at the drawing board.
No new stuff to announce at the mo', my names attached to three projects, all of which are waiting for 'the nod'. If they all happen, then i pobably won't eat, sleep or socialize for a coupla years, if none of em happen, then i may just chuck meself under a bus.