Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Because you didn't demand it!

Not that the universe hasn't got anything else to offer other than the shambling, fly-blown, pus-dripping, flesh-ripping, brain-eating hordes of the undead. But let's be straight, you don't want to see delicate watercolour studies of fauna and flora or pencil portraits of cute puppies - you want ZOMBIES!

I aim to please...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dead agen

Nothing new, bin laid up with a stinkin' cold(just as the hay fever was finishing), so ere's the originals of two zombie pics i coloured up some weeks back.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Brush pen sketches

Mucking about with a new brush pen, which is easier to use than a 'real' brush, but not by much...nerves have bin shot since the 'Nam...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


If you like your horror comics served up with steaming guts and EC relish, may i direct you to the 1st issue of Gene Simmons House of Horrors. A new quarterly anthology from IDW Publishing. For you money(and it's a lot of bucks at $9.99)you get five stand alone comic strips, each introduced by self-professed 'Rock God' Gene Simmons, who acts as a Crypt Keeper-style host, only uglier.

My good pals, and Albion sparring partners, Leah Moore and John Reppion contribute an eight pager, 'Into the Woods'', a blood-spattered supernatural yarn, drawn by the gore-crazed Jeff Zornow.

Jeff, incidentally, has done the art for a line of horror-themed t-shirts, one of which i received as a birthday gift(June the 6th, for those who want to take note...)from John and Leah. And mighty tasty it is.

Pop over and buy one at; http://www.fright-rags.com/ , and for more of Jeff Zornows gruesome goodness go to; http://www.yourmidnightreader.com/jwzornow/index.html.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Barbara Windsor's 70th

She'll need a 'big puff' to blow out all those candles...Happy Birthday Babs!

...and Droops, y Uggly Monday pin-up.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Lew Stringer

In my humble opinion, Lew Stringer is one of Britain's most unsung talents. Lew is a writer and cartoonist, who's worked within the comics industry since the early eighties. And he's probably an 'outsider' to your average comic book reader since he likes to write and draw stuff that's FUNNY . No dark and gritty, gloom and doom laden melodramatics in Lew's work(and if there ever is, it'll be a major piss take), no cynical ultraviolence or Garth Ennis swear fests, no deep and meaningful social commentary and brow-creasing angst, just unashamed, unpretentious, daft-as-a-brush, pie-in-the-face, fuel-injected FUN!
Now, i know that's a dirty word to some, a lot of comic readers like to take their hobby/obsession VERY seriously, almost like FUN(say it now, slowly, F-U-N, repeat three times a day)has no place on the comic book racks, like it's frivolous and throwaway(as the best FUN usually is), like, well, like it's just not 'grown up'.

And most teenagers/twenty-something comic fans, despise anything that would label them less than ADULT(or what's marketed as 'adult'). Everything has to be hard, cool, grim, post-modern, and usually, leather-clad and 'sexed-up'. Now that's not The Beano(or wasn't the last time i looked)and that's not Lew Stringer's work(although he can be a bit rude when he's working for Viz), and that's WHY his stuff shines above so much else. For me, anyway.
His work is imbued with a nostalgic passion for the long gone British comics empire; anarchic, playful and energetic, like Leo Baxendale poured from a new pop bottle, familiar, yet fresh, but above all else - really FUNNY!
Click on over to Lew's new blog at; http://lewstringer.blogspot.com/ or/and his website at; http://lewcomix.tripod.com/