Friday, November 14, 2008

Coming up, sooner or later

One of the most frustrating things about my occupation/job/career is the amount of projects that stall just before they've got going, or those that get put on the backburner until i have the free time(or learn how not to sleep). Some get lost forever, momentum and timing is a key factor in selling a book, and, when you sit on an idea too long, it's very easy to miss your opportunity, or the 'boat'(unless sci-fi werewolf pirate comics make a comeback). And the worse is when someone else beats you to it, and does a really cack-handed job.

These days, I'm very choosy, and act on new ideas quicker, and never tie myself down for too long, allowing me the luxury of leaping from one project to the next, and there's some corkers coming up. Some sooner than others.

As a taster, here's some sketches from a couple on the far horizon(but burning bright). One is with James Kuhoric, which may turn into something entirely different, but either way will be fucked-up weird and creepy-as-hell. And the other, The Girls of Fogg Academy will see me working with the enormously sweet and talented fella, Eric Orchard, please do your eyes and brain a big favour and go take a look at what he does.


paulhd said...

Ace pics as usual, and thanks for the introduction to Eric's beautiful work, really loverly stuff.

Brian Lue Sang said...

I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to go through what you're talking about with projects.

Girls or Fogg Academy is definitely set to be awesome with you and Eric working on it, Shane.

How long do you think it will be before either of these two projects see the light of day?

Eric Orchard said...

Oh man. love the sketch of the girl, 3rd one down. Beautiful! I wish you published sketchbooks! Thanks kindly for the nod...

shane oakley said...

paul - pleasure, mate. i always feel good after i've looked at eric's wondrous works, like i've swigged some magic tonic.

brian - i wouldn't get close to doing half the stories i'd like to do, even with another lifetime, you just have to go with the ones that ring true, or the one's that won't let you sleep and demand to be born!
i'm not sure with james, cus he's got alot of stuff lined up, and it's down to split-second timing, but with FOGG, i'm hoping me and eric can start scripting it early next year-ish, but beyond that, it's how busy we are, and since i'm gonna be full-on for a 4-issue mini series from next month, then straight into a one-off special after, it could be awhile. but, in this biz, y never know.
we're not in a massive rush(and eric's got lots of nappies to change),since this is a project that needs to grow at it's own pace.

eric - sure i'd sent you the pic of the girl, think it was a another visual for SOPHIE, mebbe i didn't.
i would like to do a sketchbook, but it's the time and the money thing.
think nothing of the nod, least i could do, bigger NOD coming soon.

Mark Buckingham said...

Lovely designs as always Oak.A couple I hadn't seen before. Very excited to see so many irons in the fire... and that that all seem to fit so well with your style and tastes. Great!

shane oakley said...

bucky - yeah, it IS an exciting time, makes all the difference having a 'roaring fire' instead of a 'flickering candle'. determined to make these comics happen!
thanx for dropping in, mate. speak with you soonish.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Great work !!!!