Sunday, March 08, 2009

Jez and the lads

Shots from Channel Evil #1. More art, along with some words from me, at

Complete pages posted soon.

Got your order in yet?


paulhd said...

Ooh, it's set in Blackpool, hadn't realised that. Good setting.
Really lovely art as always, yup, I got me my copy on order, can't wait to see it.

Rob Davis said...

These images are awesome, Shane. Love the harsh, razor sharp black and white and the warped old disney feel you have to some of your characteristion. I'm suitably impressed.

Eric Orchard said...

Can't wait! It looks brilliant.

dribbs said...

as always, t'riffic line work.

shane oakley said...

yeah, candy floss, donkey rides and kill-me-quick hats.

cheers all, your vote and money is appreciated.

rob - thankyou for dropping in, and the kind words.
i'm all for warped disney, i actually get more of a buzz and inspiration from animation than comic books. especially 50's and 60's stuff, most notably anything from UPA.
it's all about shape and line, and eliminating superfluous information/dressing, until you have just what is needed, no fat, or no 'fancy icing'.