Monday, March 23, 2009

Satanic Rites

A Chris Lee pic i did for Little Shoppe of Horrors #22, which spotlights the 70's set Hammer Dracula movies. A very groovy issue, have a viddy over at;


Neil D Vokes said...

Very nice stuff,Shane-and the ish itself looks great-one of Dick's best,i think-actually makes me wanna go watch the two "modern" Dracs yet again-lol

shane oakley said...

cheers, neil. i love doing this stuff, wish i had the time to do more.
should have my comp soon, and it does look a real beaut.

personally, i dig both films. i think they're both grossly underrated. for HAMMER purists,i can understand the dislike, and when compared to the best period set chris lee drac's, i agree there's something dumb and shoddy about the 70's pair.
but i grew up as a 70's kid, and that's where my love for HAMMER was cemented, and if you take the movies as a product of that time, and watch em in the same campy/cartoon way you'd enjoy stuff like THE AVENGERS/THE CHAMPIONS, they can be a lot of fun.

Ade Salmon said...

Looking forward to getting the latest ish myself. I love doing Hammer stuff but it's damned stressful - too many great artist fans watching I reckon.:-)


Sean Covernton said...

i bought Satanic Rites of Dracula for the title initially, but I stayed for the awesome 70's-ness. Those guys hiding in the bushes with the Aviators and the vests still give me the giggles.

BTW that's a wicked cool illustration of Lee there.

Eric Orchard said...

Can you ever tell you enjoyed this! Great piece.I really have to watch more Hammer films. I love the few I've seen. On this side of the pond they aren't as well known except to fans.

shane oakley said...

ade - i know you might be pulling out your hair when you work, but your pics always stands out to me, and the stress never shows.

sean - cheers! the 70's gave us some of the best music, films, comics, books,clothes and haircuts, in fact, i more or less look and live like i'm still there - mebbe i'am?

eric - thankyou, sir. the pleasure COUNT(pun intended)on drawing drac was well off the thrilomometer. now, if only someone would hire me to draw a whole comic of this kinda gothic(or groovy 70's)horror.

and really,eric. you can't go wrong with most HAMMER movies, they always take you to a place/world that just doesn't exist anymore in modern cinema. and anything with chris lee and peter cushing is never a chore to sit thru.

Belle Dee said...

I just wanted to say that I really love your 'Satanic' Lee. I also really loved your work that was in the LSoH's 'Curse of Frankenstein' issue as well. Hope to see more Hammer pieces from you in the future.