Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Eternal Warrior by Paul Grist

A few days ago by chance/accident, i discovered that Paul Grist, writer, artist and creator of the wonderful Jack Staff, has quietly set up a blog. A blog purely to showcase - page by page - a new work in progress; The Eternal Warrior.
Yes! - FREE comics from Paul Grist. You don't have to part with a penny/cent, there's no catch. FREE comics from Paul Grist.
Paul Grist.

So, if you're going cold turkey waiting for the next issue of Jack Staff, or never heard of the ridiculously talented Mr.Grist, then drop everything and hurry your arse over to; http://www.bigcosmiccomic.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

very cool! love the composition and the situation he is about to react to!

andy kuhn said...

paul grist is a SUPER-GENIUS. i'll gladly buy anything he draws, or writes. he also has an ETERNAL WARRIOR group on facebook if anyone's interested. also, in case you didn't know it, grist has an issue of DOCTOR WHO coming out soon from IDW. long live THE GRIST!

shane oakley said...

joe - you really are in for a treat if you've never read paul grist comics before.

andy - amen, brother, amen! you seen the TORCHWOOD stuff he's done? and further back, ST.SWITHIN'S DAY with grant morrison?

andy kuhn said...


thanks for the info. i've got ST. SWITHINS DAY, but i didn't know he did some TORCHWOOD comics. how many did he do, and who published them? i'm very much a grist completist, so i got's to pick these up!