Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SexGoreMutants - Interview

Just got back from a far too short trip to Paris. Realised, in my usual suitcase-packing, 'list-of-things-to-remember' runaround haze that I'd forgot to mention an interview i did for SexGoreMutants.

Dim bulb i is.

SexGoreMutants is one of my favourite places to visit for horror/grindhouse/exploitation movie reviews/news, and often guides my bloodshot eyes to the more delirious and deranged DVD delights that my bad brain craves.

It was conducted by Alan Simpson, monster-mad site master, nice bloke and bloody black belt gorehound.

If you can put up with me 'going on' at some length, mostly about art and movies, please click. There's also an as-ever-entertaining chinwag with Channel Evil writer Alan Grant.

Plenty of pictures for those with a short attention span.


Ade Salmon said...
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Ade Salmon said...

Amazing how inspiring House of Hammer was and coincidently my fave artists were Brian Lewis and John Bolton! I still rate Bolton art from this period ( including the Bionic Woman strip in LOOK-IN) as benchmark work. I also loved Bolland's Vampire Circus ( drawn from an early shooting script - hence the axe beheading instead of the crossbow wire used in the film) and also the Bollond/Goring Plague of the Zombies. And Neary's Dracula , and ..


shane oakley said...

...and how bout ian gibson doing that Kronos strip?
there really wasn't a stinker among em. ti's a pity it's such a legal wrangle to get them all reprinted. they deserve to be collected in one big fat deluxe hardback.

paulhd said...

Great interview, Shane. I'm with you on wanting an ongoing Kronos strip, and a kids horror comic.
House of Hammer was brilliant, such great art, Paul Neary doing Dracula was a personal fave, that man's wasted as an inker. Much appreciated getting hold of David Lloyd's excellent Quatermass adaptation tpp thanks to gentlemanly kindness too.