Sunday, May 27, 2007

Don't let a good monster go to waste

A cover i did, for a sci-fi/horror comic that never happened, pity...

The colours are by my old mate Matt Brooker(D'israeli); one of my favourite artists, who is brilliant at everything he does(other than skateboarding), but anybody who's seen his work, will know that already.

Check out his entertaining and informative blog;

From the reading pile...

Can you smell that old paper and ink? If only you could get it as a perfume, or maybe powdered down into a talc?

Friday, May 25, 2007


Although i'm not currently fully active in the comics biz, i do still spend time developing ideas and projects, or i'm just drawing for the sheer pleasure a piece of paper and a pencil can bring. And occasionally, i'll share some of the results.
Nothing new at the moment, but i thought you may enjoy some stuff from the vault .

Two pages from Rock and Roll High School, which i worked on waaaaaaaay back in the 90's, with the hugely underrated Bob Fingerman. And some Albion pre-production art, from 2004 (just seems like three years ago...).

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

John Reppion is a very nice man's true, not only did John set up this blog, he's also spent precious time keeping it updated and freshly-polished. done so, since the start, not cus he's got to, not for money, not for laffs, but cus he's an exceptionally nice man.

and now i've finally got my useless arse in gear and wrestled techno-fear to the mat, i'll be having a go meself(though i'm hoping John will stay on as my 'technical consultant', cus i'm still a dim-novice.).

nice one, john! you are a true star and a diamond geezer, Guinness on me, when next we meet, cheers!