Friday, May 29, 2009

Tune in

For those who need more convincing you can read the first 16 pages for free, just a click away.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Channel Evil #1 - Anytime Now!

Got my comps of the first issue. Always a nervous sharp intake of breath/slight puckering of a-hole, when you open a comic you've drawn, you're never too sure how it's gonna look; mebbe the printer had a long liquid lunch that day, pressed the wrong buttons and it printed backwards/upside down/inside out.
But, i think it's looking pretty good. I'm a proud father. Chuffed. Excuse me if i don't have enuff cigars to go around.
Now, all you've gotta do is BUY IT!
Fine fella and my boss, Alexander Finbow, tells me it's out in the UK from tomorrow(next week at the latest). For some reason that only Dotty Diamond Distributors know, American readers won't see it until June 3rd. It you have problems finding it, bug your comic store-like-hell, or buy direct from Berserker. Hope it hits the spot.
Another unlettered page for a taster.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Zombie Tales #12

Final cover i did for the final issue. Though, last i heard, BOOM! are planning to do a mini-series or a bumper-sized one-off in the near future, same for Cthulhu Tales, but don't quote me.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SexGoreMutants - Interview

Just got back from a far too short trip to Paris. Realised, in my usual suitcase-packing, 'list-of-things-to-remember' runaround haze that I'd forgot to mention an interview i did for SexGoreMutants.

Dim bulb i is.

SexGoreMutants is one of my favourite places to visit for horror/grindhouse/exploitation movie reviews/news, and often guides my bloodshot eyes to the more delirious and deranged DVD delights that my bad brain craves.

It was conducted by Alan Simpson, monster-mad site master, nice bloke and bloody black belt gorehound.

If you can put up with me 'going on' at some length, mostly about art and movies, please click. There's also an as-ever-entertaining chinwag with Channel Evil writer Alan Grant.

Plenty of pictures for those with a short attention span.