Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Channel Evil #1 - Anytime Now!

Got my comps of the first issue. Always a nervous sharp intake of breath/slight puckering of a-hole, when you open a comic you've drawn, you're never too sure how it's gonna look; mebbe the printer had a long liquid lunch that day, pressed the wrong buttons and it printed backwards/upside down/inside out.
But, i think it's looking pretty good. I'm a proud father. Chuffed. Excuse me if i don't have enuff cigars to go around.
Now, all you've gotta do is BUY IT!
Fine fella and my boss, Alexander Finbow, tells me it's out in the UK from tomorrow(next week at the latest). For some reason that only Dotty Diamond Distributors know, American readers won't see it until June 3rd. It you have problems finding it, bug your comic store-like-hell, or buy direct from Berserker. Hope it hits the spot.
Another unlettered page for a taster.


paulhd said...

Yay, a reason to go to local comic shop!

Rob Davis said...

I'm buying.

Read the interview as well - and if they ever do a Grimly Fiendish horror anthology type title sign me up!

paulhd said...

Got it, read it, fucking loved it! Absolutely astonishing artwork, Shane, distilled to perfection.

ANDY KUHN said...

i gots it pre-ordered
at my local funnybook shop.
i can't wait!

shane oakley said...

cheers, rob! - mines a pint of guinness and a whisky chaser.

anyone goes near GRIMLY FEENDISH and i'll stick em with me shiv!

paul - thankyou, kind sir. very glad your trip to the comic shop was worth it(would've sent you a freebie but we need the sales!).

andy - hope it delivers!