Friday, May 29, 2009

Tune in

For those who need more convincing you can read the first 16 pages for free, just a click away.


Gary Crutchley said...

Had a good look at it as soon as it came on line (I'm expecting the comic in my next batch of comics from Avalon).
You've done a grand job, Shane.
You should be really chuffed with yourself.
Great design and typical great spotting of blacks The line work is top notch and the use of grey tone is crackin'.
All in all, Oakley at his very best.
The opening Blackpool shot is fantastic.
It's a shame that the majority of comic readers will ignore it for the latest issue of X-twats or spider-cretin as this really does deserve to be seen by everyone.
You've certainly have done a man's job, sir and I doff me hat in appreciation of all the hard work that's obviously gone into this.

Andy Bloor said...

Got it, read it and loved it Shane.

Some tremendous artwork, and looks so right in black and white too. Like Gary says it's a real shame so many good small press books get ignored as folk just buy stuff out of habit. This is where the really good stuff is and more fool them if they don't see it.

Great stuff Shane... looking forward to my Wolfmen image :-)


shane oakley said...

gary - your generous praise and hat-doffing makes a beautiful day even more so. thankyou.

i don't put near enuff lines, detail and cgi-style renderings in my work to make the X-fans happy, but i would love to draw an issue, just to ruin their day.

andy - cheers! very glad you dug it. i'm hoping folk will 'spread the word'.

...don't forget give me a nod near deadline time, me memory is shot.