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RIP Peter O'Toole

'Many years ago I sent an old, beloved jacket to a cleaner, the Sycamore Cleaners. It was a leather jacket covered in Guinness and blood and marmalade, one of those jobs . . . and it came back with a little note pinned to it, and on the note it said, "It distresses us to return work which is not perfect." So that will do for me. That can go on my tombstone.'

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Happy 50th Anniversary, Doctor  - now DIE!!


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mad about the ghoul

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RIP Nick Cardy

BATMAN #252 was the first DC comic I purchased, plucked from one of those squeaking spinning racks that all UK newsagents used to have.

The cover made it an easy choice. Nick Cardy made it an easy choice.

He always did.

Feast your eyes!

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Roll up - and die!

Vampire Circus is easily one of the strangest and most stylised of all Hammer movies. It has a sensibility of a dreamy euro art-house horror, like Jean Rollins - but with real actors, dramatic storytelling and rich production values.
...and, yes, much blood, sex and violence.

Like Captain Kronos, this adds new lore to the bloodsuckers handbook and conjures up a reality that's more Bros Grimm than Transylvanian Gothic.

Dick Klemensen's Little Shoppe of Horrors # 30 lovingly celebrates its unique charms.

A real pleasure...


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Pulp noir horror from Mike Baron and Shane Oakley...

Summer 2014.

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more practise
and more practise
and more practise
and more practise
and more...