Wednesday, October 02, 2013



Pulp noir horror from Mike Baron and Shane Oakley...

Summer 2014.


paulhd said...

Been a dog's age since I last dropped by. Lotsa lovely work (as usual!), but very excited to see you're doing a comic with the excellent Mike Baron - I love Nexus. When/where will it be appearing?

shane oakley said...

Ullo, Paul! Good to hear from y.

Since everyone is on Facebook and twitter, etc. blogs are fast becoming lonely little cobwebbed corners...but I can get a bit surf-lazy myself. Must try harder.

HOWL has me wetting myself.

Due late Summer, 2014. 4-issues. Full colour. Much more to be shared on blog.

paulhd said...

4 issues of full colour werewolf goodness? That's great news.
Must admit I'm on twitter (not Facebook), but I'm disappearing from most online stuff. Just too busy to keep up with it all. Still, I've definitely been missing out so will try harder too.