Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Mustek Blues

Gathering dust on our landing is a Mustek A3 USB 600 Pro-Scanner. Purchased to save me from the tedious and frustrating task of stitching pages together on a very awkward A4 scanner.
I've had it for over a year and in that time it's mostly refused to work and crashed or frozen the PC. I installed and re-installed it dozens of times(on occasion it scanned once or twice, then gave up), I've removed other programs, switched off security(Spyware, McAfee, etc), doubled the memory, visited many forums, talked to it nicely, made blood sacrifice to the gods, and then, like the Mustek, i gave up.
So, it's there, 10 feet away under the smokey gaze of Marlene Dietrich, opposite a cobwebbed exercise bike. Doing nothing.
I really need an A3 scanner that works(especially for the next project after Channel Evil), so I'm probably gonna have to pay some black belt IT wizard to come have a look. But before i reluctantly reach for the Yellow Pages, i wanted to ask if anyone reading has had the same problem and solved it?
Any help gratefully received.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Some inked panels - and a Happy New Year!!

Work is going well.

It's snowing and cold outside but I'm feeling sunny.