Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Some inked panels - and a Happy New Year!!

Work is going well.

It's snowing and cold outside but I'm feeling sunny.


Mark Buckingham said...

Great to hear you are feeling better.... and the inks are looking stunning!!! Beautiful work Shane !!!
A positive start to the new decade!

Ade Salmon said...

Ah beautiful inks , just beautiful. All the best for 2010 Shane.


Rob Davis said...

Great stuff, Shane. So stripped down these inks. I'm jealous.

Andy Bloor said...

I'll just echo the praise already mentioned here - stunning stuff as ever Shane!!

Dave West said...

Damn ... you actually seem to get better and better .. I love these images ... very nice ..

Gary Crutchley said...

I do like them skulls.

shane oakley said...

thankyou, gents.

these panels are the ones that came out without struggle, that magic moment when the pen draws what you see in your head.

trying to minimize lines and detail but keep the 'essential' can make it so easy to fuck up.

worth all the effort when folk say such nice things..