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The Long Road to Blackpool

I'm late.

Channel Evil#2 should be at the printers by now, but I'm less than half way through it. My apologies to the readers, to Alan Grant, and to my editor, Alexander Finbow, who has patience that's beyond any Saint I've ever heard of.
Everything seemed to be on track back in May, then what i thought was the sound of a distant generator of early bird workmen, turned out to be in my HEAD.
And the noise got louder, and my ears hurt and had a peculiar sensation of pins and needles, like you'd spent an hour trying to blow up those long corkscrew-like balloons.
It went away, and i put it down to a bad cold I'd just finished with. Then it came back with a vengeance, along with rumbling, buzzing, headaches and hearing loss, and an overall feeling that my head was under water. And it got progressively worse, and then the dizzy spells arrived, with horrid vertigo sensations and a seasick nausea. Like when you've had far too many ales and the bed is trying to spin you into orbit - but without the pleasure of getting shitfaced first.
Was it a virus or damage to my ear or Meniere's disease or Labyrinthitis, or something more sinister? The docs/specialists ticked boxes and moved onto the next.
And it's still a mystery, but luckily, due to my own initiative in seeking releif with alternative medicine, and discovering that one of my prescribed drugs was actually making my symptoms worse, well, I've now managed to get myself feeling more like normal agen. Still lose me some sleep, but I've let go of the bed and can sit at the drawing board without feeling i need a safety belt.
Hard at work getting #2 completed, hopefully to see print next month.

Agen, my apologies for the delay.