Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You'll need tunes with that

Put on your shades and crypt-creepers, cus it's time to shake dem bones, rattle some chains and do the funeral bop.

Ladies, gents, boils and ghouls, give a listen to the Munsters of Surf Rock, those moody masters of mysterious melody, the soundtrack for your Halloween - THE GHASTLY ONES!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Just Treats

Halloween. It's like Xmas for horror fans.

One time a year when our obsession infects the whole nation; when reality turns into a day-glo Mardi Gras of the Macabre. Streets and shops are decked out like late night creature feature-movie sets.
Teen-zombies and vampire goth girls dance the Monster Mash and things go-go bump and grind in the night.
And Boris Karloff and Vincent Price stalk TV screens, as ghoulishly-garbed children knock at the door threatening a fire-bombing if they don't get a six pack of lager and some cigs(or mebbe that's just in Stoke?).

Halloween with it's cheap plastic skulls, Jack-o-Lanterns, bats, Frankenstein masks, hairy horror hands, Drac fangs ,Witches hats and Haunted House shows. Gaudy, gory and gloriously gruesome.

Personally, i think once a year is not near enough.

For those who get that same chiller-thrill every October Creepfest, i offer you a deliciously dark selection of links, guaranteed to send a diabolical tingle(r) down your hunchbacked spine.

David Hartman

Belle Dee

Pete Von Sholly

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Later this year Renegade Arts Entertainment will release the first in a series of prints drawn by among others, Frank Quietly, Mark Buckingham and Leigh Gallagher.

The launch set is inspired by Doug Bradley's Spine Chiller audibooks, artworks with a horror and Gothic bent/bias.
When invited to contribute i had no problem saying YES!, but then i faced the frustration of drawing 'whatever i want', making a CHOICE, not always as easy as you'd think. Then one winter evening after a zillionth viewing of Dracula Prince of Darkness, it seemed obvious, like giant blood dripping letters obvious - HAMMER!

No, not the guy in the baggy pants.

This snarling undead darling is especially for Indio, good bloke and a terrifically twisted talent, go look, but beware those of a nervous and fragile disposition, since you'll be ripped blubbering and screaming from your sheltered life.