Sunday, September 23, 2007

Back in blighty

Bin away on me hols for near a fortnight, so other than Uggly Monday, i tried to stay away from anything 'work-related' and enjoy the scenery, which made a refreshing change. Though i did fill a whole sketchbook with doodles, a big bunch of which I'll be posting on Wednesday.
Meantime, I'd like to share a coupla photo's from my trip to Spain - and before you shudder, I'm not gonna bore you with scenic snaps of sunsets and glorious beaches. I'm probably much like you, having to look thru other folks holiday pics fills me with a crawling, suffocating dread, unless there's a shot or two of alligators eating small children or Bavarian monks skateboarding.
So ere's a creepy-looking doll on sale at the Cadiz flea market(more or less like a car boot sale but with loads of kitsch religious paraphernalia and dog porn)and a knocker resting on a knob. Hasta luego!

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