Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dig Me Later, Vampira

Only found out a few days ago that Maila Nurmi died on January 10. Although she had a long career in modelling and acting, Maila will always be best remembered as Vampira - America's first horror hostess - and iconic 'undead girl' in Ed Wood's Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Along with Morticia Addams, her pale skin and tight black dress inspired the look of a zillion goths.

...and a picture in tribute, RIP Vampira.


Gary Crutchley said...

you've caught the mood and look.
like it. like it a lot.

Gary Crutchley said...

like it? what am I saying I love it.
it must have taken you ages of blood, sweat and ink to do it.
I'm guessing it took about 3 hours of solid graft.
great stuff!
like it indeed, I must be mad

Sean Covernton said...

Damn! Can't believe I've never run across your blog before! Nice to find a fellow horror devotee. I'm in love with your bald vampire further down. What comics have you worked on? Anything I might find in Canada?

shane oakley said...

Thanx Sean. Actually, my first major comic job was for a Canadian publisher called VORTEX. Six issues of MR.X, long gone, long lost...
Since then, i've worked pretty sporadically, in many an obscure corner, but my most 'high profile' gig was the ALBION mini-series, written by Alan Moore, his daughter, Leah, and John Reppion.
Available in all good comic and book stores!

Sean Covernton said...

Awesome! I shall have a look next time I'm downtown!