Wednesday, July 30, 2008

70 Years of The Beano

The Beano - launched on the 30th of July, 1938, and still going strong.

In this age of PlayStation addicted, web-surfing, happy-slapping, text-crazed, i-podding, chain-smoking, knife-wielding, goth-bashing, booze-guzzling kids, that really is a BIG deal.
And the fact that The Beano has not pandered to it's readers - like the more cynical and grubby publishers that swamp the shelves - for 70 years, is cause enuff for celebration - bravo!

The Bash Street Kids were a personal favourite, and especially Plug, the face that broke a mothers heart...


paulhd said...

Excellent Plug, I seem to recall you do an ace Dennis the Menace too.

shane oakley said...

cheers, paul! i think dennis has cropped up in at least 3 strips I've drawn. it's the spiky hair and stripey top thing, kinda who i modelled myself on, when i woz a wee punk rocker.