Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cool Forever

Gracious. Charismatic. Gentle. Rebellious. Unpretentious. Tough. Funny. Kind. Strong. Cool.
Actor, husband and father, who was sincerely dedicated to life and the movies. A rare breed, a giant talent, RIP Paul Newman.


Unknown said...

I got teary reading the wonderful NY times piece on him. I wasn't aware of all his charity. He actually funded a theater group for mentally handicapped people here in Canada.
Such a cool guy.

shane oakley said...

when i was reading the tributes, i got quite choked up myself. big fan of the man and his films, have been since i was a little kid. and the fact he was such an active philanthropist who never became a part of that ego-massaging hollywood crap, makes him standout even more.