Sunday, October 12, 2008

Art up for Auction on eBay

Planned, but failed, to have some new prints for sale at the Brum Comics Show, paying work, sleep and feeling ill came first.

Here's one of them, a familiar furry face and friend of the family, which i never tire of drawing.

The black and white original art, along with two older pics are up for sale on eBay. Click on the link to your upper right.


paulhd said...

'nuver bloody awesome oli-Wolf Shane.

Staz Johnson said...

Yay, look, I figured out how to leave

these drawings are awesome Shane.. the Ollie Reed werewolf is a special favorite..

cool stuff.

shane oakley said...

paul - thankyou, sir

staz - now all you've gotta learn is how to dress yourself and tie your shoelaces.
thankyou for the kind words, mate -cheers!