Saturday, January 10, 2009

Channel Evil

I want your money! Well, not literally, what i want is for you to go to your local comics store and order the first issue(or all four!) of Channel Evil , it's the new comic I'm working on with Alan Grant, and #1 is due at the end of March.
I'm having a ball drawing it, and it's a thrill and pleasure finally getting to work with Alan, who, if you didn't already know, is something of a 'living legend' in these parts, especially for his early 2000AD work, fan-fave fragger Lobo, and Batman and Judge Dredd crossover(co-writing with John Wagner) Judgement In Gotham. And currently, along with Simon Bisley and Glen Fabry, he's knocking readers for a six with the zombie epic The Dead;Kingdom of Flies, have a look over at

I know right now, times are hard for a lot of folk, and money is tight, and there's a helluva lot of product on the shelves, and comics ain't cheap. And the worse thing is Marvel and DC choke out the smaller guys when the economy is fucked, the 'independents' don't get much of a chance. But, if you want to show your support for the NEW, if you're not hooked on mutants, if you fancy something a little different, if you like your horror - horror with wit and bloody relish, or just like seeing me draw some spooky freaky shit(and lots of it!)then put in that order now!

I thank you in advance.

I'll be showing and sharing plenty of art along the way, meantime learn/see more over at


paulhd said...

I'm on board for that. Lovely work so far, love how balance out the wild design elements, like the cover, with the more observed realism of that last charcter design.
Better get my order in at the local comic shop.

Reuben said...

Count me in too.
Is there any interior pages we can see yet, please?

Sean Covernton said...

I shall keep a weather eye open for the issues at my local comic shop! Can't wait!

Brian Lue Sang said...

Nice tings, Shane! I'm headed to the comic shop tomorrow so I'll add this to my order list.

The Renegade site shows some more cool sketches. The last one is terrifying!!

Mark Buckingham said...

Just rang GOSH! to place my order!
I'm in desperate need of Fresh OAK art in my life!
Thank you :)

Unknown said...

Amazing stuff! Sign me up.

shane oakley said...

paul - thanx. i'm loving mixing it up, style-wise. trying to get a look that will stand on it's own, a comic that doesn't blur into the 'mainstream'. not that i've ever bin what you'd could call mainstream, even when i tried. and believe me, i DID try once, gave it up as a bad idea.

reuben - thankyou for your vote! some pages coming up this weekend.

sean - why not keep BOTH eyes open?

brian - cheers! very glad i caused TERROR! always a goal for me...

bucky - tis my pleasure, mate, though actually, pencilling, inking four 22 page comics, and doing the covers, in the middle of endless bouts of illness and sleepless nights, isn't always a pleasure, but the good easily outweighs the bad - i mean, i'm drawing scary horror comics with alan grant!

eric - consider yerself signed up in blood!

thankyou all for your support and the positive vibe.

John Reppion said...


Bit late to the party on this one obviously but thrilled to bits.Fantastic news mate!

Can't wait to get me mitts on it.