Friday, August 28, 2009

Warm-up sketches from June and July


paulhd said...

Bloody hell, Shane, how do you expect me to post sketches if you raise the standard this much? These are effin awesome. Purple lad nad werewolf are brilliant. Love how you draw all these gruesome monsterous creatures but also seem perfectly suited to stylish fashion type illustration.

Laughing Indio said...

AHHHHHH all magnifique!
The muti eyed scrunge is spot on those teeth are brilliant!
And Im loving your beehived honey!
And the hammer babe? Cor!
More vampire hot fifties vampire chicks please puhh-lease evil Uncle Shane!!!!!

Mark Buckingham said...

These are fabulous !

William Bradford said...

Amazing. Keep it up

Belle Dee said...

Just fantastic! Beautiful sketches! I love the wolf lurking in the forest. And I am very much drawn to the 'beehived honey' (as Laughing Indio calls her). Love it!

Gary Crutchley said...

Is that Lillian Munster I see there?
Corkin' green eyed monster.

David said...

Great stuff, do we start the countdown now for the Edwardian horror book;) Like everyone, love the sketches and totally agree on the Marquis..hopefully shouldn't be too long before I get mine (Amazon£13.99)

shane oakley said...

paul - thankyou, sir! i´ve long had a passion for fashion. though you wouldn´t think it if you saw some of the clothes i´ve worn.

indio - more hot fifties vampire chics coming up - and scrunges!

bucky - thanx, mate. good hear from you.

william - will try!

belle - thankyou. kind words.
the beehived honey is a character in a 60´s ´italian´ horror i´m brewing, and i might just squeeze a wolfman into the mix - why not?

gary - you win the no-prize! shame on those who didn´t spot the likeness(granted, it´s a a little off). indio - get to bed without supper or video nasties, right now!

dave - hello, mate. ain´t seen you around these parts for a spell...

yeah, fuck it, think i will put that idea on my MUST DO IN 2010 list..with the other dozen or so.

alina - thanks, and welcome to my murky corner.

Billy George said...

Love your work! Its a huge inspiration. Your sketches seem so intuitive and fun. Why do mine always feel so tortured?

Awesome blog.

Bob Fingerman said...

Really sweet stuff, Shane. I'm digging the noirish look.

james corcoran said...

Wonderful! my favourites are the girl in the Gingham dress and you give reat werewolf.


shane oakley said...

billy - MASSIVE BIG THANX! and back at y!looking at your stuff gives me an almighty buzz, charges me up with weird energies.
anyone who hasn't taken a look into billy's dark pits, should go now - RUN!

i think the secret with sketching is to eliminate pressure and find your 'playtime'self - and i work on crappy paper with half-dead pens, no-pencilling, little fuss and do them very quickly. but i throw many in the bin.
but that 'torture' is about making us try harder/think another way.

torture is good! torture is our friend!

bob - you'll always find me skulking in the shadows....

james - cheers! yeah, really must draw me a werewolf story.