Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sun. Sea. Sand. Script

Not long back from a trip to Spain. I know that sounds bad, me sunning it abroad when i should be chained to the drooling board finishing Channel Evil #2.
But i really, really, really needed to get away for a spell, and we payed for coach, planes and train months back in a more optimistic time, before i knew i was struck with some deadline-buggering 'weird ear' disorder/ailment and not just a shitty head cold.
Besides, i took script and art tools with with me and spent hours in sea-view cafes, gulping my Fanta Limon(Hardcore!), eating twice my body weight in olives and laying out most of #3, along with sorting a few 'problem panels' on #2.
Fun was had, work woz done and Suzanne got to see her Mum, paddle in the ocean, fondle a chameleon, and get bitten by bugs.
Odd thing, other than the first two days, i suffered no unpleasant symptoms(nausea, ringing/buzzing in ears, dizziness, etc.), then after a day back in Stoke i had a juggernaut driving around my skull and an attack of the wobblies. Mebbe I'm living in a 'sick town?'
Right now I'm on the tail end of pencilling #2, due to start the inks next week. Will post some previews along the way.
Work is getting faster, and I'm feeling on top, I'm grateful for your patience and understanding, and touched by all the well-wishes, especially from No;1 fan, Justin Gillett.
Onward and upward!


Mark Buckingham said...

Hiya Oak!
Love the photo of Suzanne and the airport doodles.
All good stuff.
You definitely needed and deserved a holiday. It's sad that your health took a set back on your return but at least being healthy whilst away ensured you got the rest you needed. I'm sure you'll work better now and I can't wait to see the results!!

PS: I'm more of a Fanta Naranja drinker myself!

Jorge Fornés said...

Next time, send me a mail, and we can go to visit the best places to eat on the coast of Barcelona.

shane oakley said...
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shane oakley said...

lo, buck-o, me lad!
conil has got a lovely beach, one of the first things we miss is not having those afternoon strolls.

don't know if i deserved a holiday but i definitely needed one.
i actually felt more relaxed and enthused about my work when i was away, less knotted up. and though my health is still not A1 i couldn't feel more creatively reinvigorated.
it's official - holidays ARE good for you!

speak with you soon, mate.

jorge - how are y?
i may just do that, since next year we're planning to stay in barcelona. though first, i'd wanna visit the best places to spend too much on spanish comics and film posters.

Andy Bloor said...

Stoke can do that to a man Shane, I work in it everyday! Hope you're feeling better and I'm looking forward to seeing CE2... oh and me little wolfmen image :-D

Jorge Fornés said...

I´m your man guy ! I hope news until you come !

shane oakley said...

andy - cheers! yeah, stoke does very little for the soul, and the stoke that once thrived and pulsed and filled my life full of joy/excitement has mostly gone the way of the dodo.
one of these days i must do me a hit superhero comic, sell it to hollywood, make a million and move far away.