Monday, April 05, 2010

Split Lip

By day, mild-mannered Sam Costello works in marketing, but at night he lurks in shadow, tap-rapping-tapping out tales of terror for his web comic Split Lip.
It's an ongoing series of self-contained stories. A mix of supernatural twist-in-the-tail and unsettling psychological drama.
Clearly a fan of classic shows like Twilight Zone and Night Gallery, along with the more bizarre contemporary horror manga and movies, Sam seamlessly blends this mix of influences with his own skewed view of the world.
His output is quite flabbergasting(especially considering his day job), and, in my eyes, he never writes anything below par.
I struggle to think of any other comic book writer working in the horror genre who can deliver so many consistently satisfying stories.
The stories are drawn by a diverse group of established artists and newcomers - some talented enough to be drawing the latest Hellboy spin off or Vertigo book.
Along with 100's of pages of FREE online comics , Sam puts out trade collections. Volume 2 is due later this month, but on offer RIGHT NOW is a special limited edition(only 35 copies available), signed and numbered by Sam, with a previously unpublished story, research notes, script excerpts, sketches, and a cover by me - all exclusive material that you won't get with the regular version.
Comes highly recommended.


Gary Crutchley said...

As someone whose worked on three of Sam's stories I'm blown away by his talent as a storyteller.
I'm also completely at a loss why this man isn't working in mainstream comics. Oh well their loss is our gain.
That is one crackin' image, Shane and I think the choice of the colour is inspired.

shane oakley said...

thanx, gary.

sam is the man!
..he'll get there, no sweat.