Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Voice From the Tomb

Over at the From the Tomb blog spot you'll find me in Deep Discussion with Decapitated Dan Royer.

Not that deep really, bit of a laff, but you'll still learn more than if you read my Wikipedia entry.

Cheers, Dan!


Belle Dee said...

What? You did a Sandman pin-up? Was that from the Sandman Gallery that came out years ago? I have that somewhere, I need to see if I can find it. Thanks for sharing this interview!

AND... I love The Horrors. I have a drawing of them that I hope to finish soon.

shane oakley said...

hello, belle. yeah, twas in the gallery special.
me using pantone markers on the reverse of an A3 photocopy(i couldn't paint).
bit rough, bit rushed, and they buggered up the reproduction, but neil liked it.

look forward to seeing your rendering of THE HORRORS, though they were far more appealing to draw(and look at)before the 'new direction'.

Mark Buckingham said...

Really enjoyed the interview, and loved the photo as well as all the lovely bits of art that adorned it.