Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sketches thus far...


Laughing Indio said...

Love it absolutely wonderful a hint of Granmaster O Neill in the sandman?
Father at the door is totally stunning a shocking move away from the chunky solid blacks you usually use.
I want you drawing L.O.E.G Shane! lets make it happen!

Mark Buckingham said...

Cracking way to start the year Shane!
Love the energy in that first piece with all the expressive lines.
Fantastic character designs throughout!
Cor! indeed!

shane oakley said...

indio - cheers, duck!
wasn't thinking of king kev, just bin trying to liberate the pen line and speed up eye-to-hand coordination.
it's a good exercise; filling-in form and shadow with purposeful scribble, quick as you can.

i did a whole strip more or less that way for steve bissette's TABOO, waaaaaay back. pretty awful looking at it now, but it had an energy that's really appealing.
if i can find it i'll let you have a viddy.

the LOEG would be dream book, but i would never have the balls to follow kev or wrestle alan's terrifyingly dense scripts.

bucky - thankyou.
am heading more and more away from the solid black thing this year. not forever, but as referenced above, there's stuff i used to do that i'd like to return to - watch this space!

Drazen said...

NIce batch of sketches!
Have to dig up my Taboos...

Dominic Bugatto said...

Nice batch'o drawings.

shane oakley said...

drazen - actually i was a little inaccurate;i DID do the strip for steve, i was paid, it went on file, but the book folded before it could see print.
it ended up at CALIBER, i think in NEGATIVE BURN, don't know for sure, since - no surprise - i never got any comps.
thanx for dropping by.

Dominic - cheers!