Sunday, February 06, 2011

Pencils from Channel Evil #3


Ade Salmon said...

Beautifully crisp pencils - no wonder you get drained doing this stuff. Do you use a lightbox in the process? The pencils appear so clean.


Mark Buckingham said...

This is all absolutely terrific stuff throughout Shane!
I love the tension in that figure in panel two. love the shading and design of the characters throughout. Lovely room interiors too!
All fab!

Gary Crutchley said...

Outstandin' Shane, and your placement of blacks is masterful.
Will look forward to reading this issue when it's up on Renegade's website.

shane oakley said...

ade - cheers! i do use lightbox. in the past i'd say 90% of the time, but now i've got it close to 50/50.
using one is a curse and a blessing;it's hard resist her seductive glow, but i'm trying to speed things up by drawing directly onto the paper more, along with adding extra detail at the inking stage.

...i can also be ridiculously neat and tidy - OCD so - even when not using it, depending where my heads at!

bucky and gary - thanx very much, fellas. your words help keep my pencil moving in the right direction!

Alexander Finbow said...

Looking great Shane!

Can't wait to see the finished strip.

shane oakley said...

alexander - thankyou, good sir. you should be seeing it soon.