Tuesday, July 05, 2011



Sean Covernton said...

Very cool. What media are you using here? The clouds look like they're done in crayon and scratched off with a nail. Your use of texture is inspiring.

Bob Fingerman said...

Shane, you are doing some stellar work. Man, I'd love to do something with you again. Just wonderful stuff.

Gary Crutchley said...

This and the last post are awesome, mate. You look like you're thoroughly enjoying doing these.
TOPS!!! (3 exclamation marks worth, that's just how good they are.)

shane oakley said...

sean - glad it gives you a buzz.

i've done scraper-board technique before but the clouds are even simpler than that; hard pencil indentation with chinagraph over the top.
the rest is charcoal, brush pen, gray marker, a rubber and smudgy fingers.
works a treat!

bob - thankyou, kind sir! likewise.

i LOVED working on R&R. would be thrilling see what we could do now we're finer tuned and growed up.

gary - thanx, matey. i normally only get two exclamation marks, feels damned good getting that extra one.