Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bat Sketches


paulhd said...

Ha, there are characters that you can't help drawing - I'm convinced I'll be far happier if I could just draw Dredd right. And these look amazing.

shane oakley said...

Thanx, Paul. Batman was my first fanboy fixation, and it's never really left me. The cape, the pointy-cowl, the symbol - simple design genius.
But Dredd, too busy for my tastes. I did samples yonks ago and i hated drawing his uniform. Sure it's driven many to hair-pulling frustration.

Andy Bloor said...

I would kill for a Batman book by you - or maybe a new animated series based off your designs... just think how cool that would look!

paulhd said...

My own efforts to draw *my* Dredd have been utterly hamstrung by the busy-ness of the design, I also can't get my head around drawing the silliness of the giant shoulder pads and a plonked on eagle. Ah well. That said, I'd love to see your version of Dredd.
Batman, on the other hand, as much as I have a problem with Bat-related overkill, yeah, it's a great design.

shane oakley said...

Andy - Am waiting for the call!

Paul - That eagle is a bastard.

Might go down to the vault and hunt out the 2000AD stuff, tho I'm sure i'll loathe it on sight and bung in bin.

paulhd said...

Don't bin that work! Not until you've let me have a look at least :)
I caved and had another try at Dredd, think I'm actually getting close to *my* version, here it is
I did a Batman a while ago, it's a loose sketch that I like enough that I should turn it into something finished, I might get on with that soon