Wednesday, February 27, 2008

House sale!

Some art I'm selling; three pages from The Fall of the House of Usher, at £55 each, which includes p&p and a signed print.

Page 12
Page 13
Page 16
The Curse, £35


paulhd said...

OOh man, I've never been so annoyed for being broke as I am now! The Curse in particular is such lovely work. Sadly, my meager money must go elsewhere (honest, this is not a cheap ploy to haggle a price, I'm just flat broke!)
BTW first time I came here through your profile page, favourite film 'I Drink Your Blood'? I congratulate your fine taste sir!

shane oakley said...

Don't eat for a week, spend your daughter's nest-egg, mug an old pensioner - i need your money!
..yeah, i loved I DRINK YOUR BLOOD, first saw it in the 80's, think it might've even bin on Beta-max.
The mad plot, sleazy thrills and vigorous low-fi gore, left quite an impression. And if my horror-nerd memory isn't failing me, I'm sure i watched NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES the same night; another brain-fizzing delight, which I'm sure you'd enjoy.
Right, now go and smash open that cute little piggy bank...

Anonymous said...

Lovely artwork! Just discovered this blog, Shame. Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

Er... I meant 'ShaNe', obviously. Not 'ShaMe'.

Hate to type it wrong. Shame, that. :-)