Saturday, March 08, 2008

Pre-production sketches

Can't really post any pics from the stuff i'm working on right now; instead i'd like to share some pre-production sketches from last year. It's for a cracking story/idea by the multi-talented Mark Wheatley(go check out EZ Street at and a project i'm hoping to get back to, very soon.

Even though these(and many more)were done real quick, without fuss or much finesse, i really got into the 'unfinished' look.


SBTVD said...

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Sean Covernton said...

Dang but those are beautiful drawings! I love the woman in the hat with the low brim.

shane oakley said...

Thank you, SBTVD.
And an xtra BIG thank you to you, Sean. Think that's the first time someones called my drawings 'beautiful', I'm sure it'll be back to 'horrid' and 'ghastly' with my next art post - well, if I'm doing my job right, it will.