Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Holy Hannah! Sweet Christmas! More art up for grabs!

Doesn't happen much, true believer - Shane does superheroes!

I must admit getting a big buzz digging thru some old Marvel comics and looking back on two of my boyhood reads, Luke Cage, Power Man and The Fantastic Four.

You may get the impression from my blog that i hate superheroes, but i don't, i just hate what most writers/publishers have done with them, which is take them far too seriously(and ironically making them seem even more ridiculous). A dark and glum world with no place for bright yellow shirts and wing-tipped collars!

Superheroes in the real world? Who cares! The world is scary and depressing enuff, i don't want to read about Captain America fighting in Iraq(i don't even want to read about REAL soldiers fighting in Iraq). I like a generous serving of escapism with my comics, i like the writer to impress me with his imagination, take me someplace that's new, and give me a fun trip for my money.

Ditch the leathers! Embrace the primaries!

Meanwhile, over on eBay... the black and white originals are up for auction. Click on the link to your upper right. And I'm also selling another buncha Albion pages, £45 each, price includes postage - and both the covers i did for the Accent UK anthologies; Monsters and Zombies, for £55.


Dylan said...

That black and white pic of ol' Ben Grimm is stunning. Loving it! The blacks are placed perfectly. Most impressive!

Craig Zablo said...

Very nice!

Unknown said...

Hurray! I couldn't agree more with you about superheroes, there's really no new superhero stuff I buy any more, I just buy up collections of golden and silver age stuff when things were fun and lots of cool stuff happened. I swear you could fit an entire issue of a modern superhero comic into 1 page of a silver age book. Although I do buy J Torres stuff and I like Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier.
Man that Thing is AMAZING!! Love it. Just perfect. I'm a huge Kirby fan and I think you've got that spirit without looking anything like his work.
And it's so cool to see those pages uncoloured! I like them even better in black and white.

Brian Lue Sang said...

Wow! Your sequentials are awesome! Great work.

Gnarfdeath said...

schweet work, man!! awesome blog!! very voonderbar!!

shane oakley said...

dylan - thankyou. loved drawing mr.grimm, but christ-on-a-bike, what a nightmare it'd be drawin a whole comic book worth of his rocky hide.

craig - thanks, glad you keep calling back.

eric - yeah, it's a real shame what's happened to superheroes, and i agree, the 60's and 70's stuff left you feeling satisfied, you got your moneys worth - and more! these days, most of em seem like one scene/plot/idea played out for eternity or a glorified action and cheesecake portfolio. and they are just too pompous, self-consciously 'cool' and, well, dreary!
i think NEW FRONTIER is the best superhero comic i've read since millers DARK KNIGHT, it should be the bible for anyone coming into the industry, cooke is like the best of eisner and kirby,turned up loud with a cherry on the top.

and thankyou for the very generous praise.

brian and gnarfdeath - big cheers!