Monday, November 24, 2008

Some more pre-production sketches


Brian Lue Sang said...

Your palette is perfect for these drawings. Great drawings! Which book are these sketches for?

Gnarfdeath said...

bad@$$!!! these are schweet! great colors!

Mark Buckingham said...

These are lovely mate!
I am especially taken by the creature with teeth in it's tum... is it pencil and wash?
Beautiful technique!
Love to see more experiments with that.

Sean Covernton said...

Love these guys. Can't wait to see more!

shane oakley said...

brian - thanx. in theory, these are from the james kuhoric project-on-the-back-burner.

gnarf - thankyou, sir!

bucky - cheers, mate. yeah, pencil, a little ink wash and grey marker, then some mucking around with 'adjustments' in photoshop. this is something i'm pursuing enthusiastically, mixed results thus far, but i'm sticking with it.

sean - hey! can't you see that one's a gal?

Unknown said...

Gorgeous stuff Shane(can I say that about zombies?) What are you using here, watercolour?
And we need more girl zombies.Good job.

Sean Covernton said...

Haha! I of course used the term "guys" there as an entirely genderless term. =)

She's a real hottie.

shane oakley said...

eric - marker pen and ink wash. and, yeah, i don't see why we can't use the word 'gorgeous' to describe the undead, though technically speaking she's some breed of succubus.

sean - you should meet her sister!