Thursday, December 18, 2008

Save, don't throw!

Like many of you, i collect stuff, i collect a LOT of stuff, always collected a lot of stuff, and always have trouble throwing things out. Some would say it's not good 'feng shui', some would say it's a fire hazard, some might even say i shouldn't live in a cocoon of memories, and that gazing back at the past isn't a healthy or progressive pastime..

I won't tell you what I'd say, cus it's the season of good will.

But here's a small selection of Xmas cards I've saved, a couple going back to the end of the 80's.
I do have quite a bunch, most i can't locate, which is a shame, since the earliest ones are ALL hand drawn. Maybe they'll turn up once i get around to that feng shui...

From Matt Brooker(D'israeli).

Gary Crutchley.

Mark Buckingham.

Ryan Hughes.

Alan Moore.


Roland MacDonald said...

Thanks for posting these. They are cool. I especially like the gorey ones by Mark Buckingham and Ryan Hughes

Craig Zablo said...

I love handmade cards -- especially made by those with talent. Thanks for sharing!

Reuben said...

Who in their right mind wouldn't have kept them?

Brian Lue Sang said...

Very cool stuff, Shane.

And who cares if you collect stuff? What you you LIKE fire hazards??

Merry Christmas!

shane oakley said...

roland - i have one somewhere with a dead dog on, an apple in its mouth, about to be baked in the oven, that one you would really love.

craig - my pleasure, sir!

reuben - i'm not in a right mind but i still kept em.

brian - i also collect FIRE HAZARDS!

have a cool yule you all!

Mark Buckingham said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
I still keep most of my old cards from pals too :)