Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Here's All the Best for Chistmas!

This year, for Xmas, Tiscali left us without an Internet connection for 6 days, buggering up most of my plans for sending work off and blog-posting. Frustrating, annoying, maddening and just a general pain-in-the-arse. But, I'm letting the rage go, it's Xmas Eve, and i aim to enjoy it, since, it comes and goes so quick, it's easy to let work/problems swallow all the joy.

Tradition is the beating heart of Xmas, whether it's those you still practise, or those you remember dearly. For me, that pathway of memory to Xmas past is what adds the real kick and potency to the 'right now', makes it richer, more valid. My memories are set alight whenever i dust off a bunch of old English comics, most especially the Xmas editions. When they turned up on the hallway mat, they made the whole Festive thing 'official'.
So, ere's a selection of old Xmas comic covers for your enjoyment, and a complete Spellbinder strip - with the obligatory slap-up feast - from Lion(still one of the best strips of the time, and a character who was sadly misused and underused in Albion).

To Suzanne, friends, family, fellow bloggers and regular 'visitors', i wish you all a most splendid Christmas. Stay safe, be nice, and make it count.

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