Friday, April 17, 2009

Lux Interior RIP

Lux Interior, the ferocious frontman of garage punk/psychobilly band, The Cramps, died on February 4th, as a result of an existing heart condition. When i heard the sad news i wanted to pay tribute, but at the time i was far too busy wrestling deadlines(still am, but they're not the vice-like intensity kind).

A lot of you may never of heard Lux sing/perform, and I'm quite sure a lot of you wouldn't want to, but i loved the guy, and the band. They were a vivid and pivotal part of my youth; with their sexy, sleazy, growling, howling surf sound, mixed with b-movie trash aesthetics and shclock horror lyrics, it seemed like some mad scientist had sewn them together for my personal pleasure. And Lux, Lux was like some amphetamine-crazed voodoo preacher crossed with a rubber clad Elvis from Planet X, truly magnetic and deliciously, monstrously deranged.
And he looked great in stilettos.

I only ever had one opportunity to see The Cramps, and i blew it. Not got many regrets, but that's a biggy. But you can see the midnight man at work over at;

I raise a blood-filled goblet to you, Lux - give em hell!


Rob Davis said...

That's gorgeous. I remember buying Smell of Female back in 84. Great band.


The word verification is crotch. lol

paulhd said...

Perfect pic. A Date Was Elvis was my first brush with The Cramps.

shane oakley said...

rob - cheers! still got my SOF vinyl somewhere in the crypt,played it to death...

paul - thankyou, young sir. that's a good first brush, but the earlier albums were more like a tarring and a hose-down.