Monday, June 01, 2009

Sketches from May


Ade Salmon said...

Shane you should do a strip in markers - it would look outstanding if these excellent sketches are anything to go by !


Mark Buckingham said...

You really do the best sketches.... I love all of these!
Some intriguing looking characters in this bunch.


marco's blog said...

aw man! i love every single one of these. really amazing

Brian Lue Sang said...

Great stuff, Shane! I love ol' hook-hand and the last piece especially.

shane oakley said...

ade - thankyou. i plan to, have planned for yonks, but it's a difficult move from anal-retentive-obsessive neatness to 'loose and sketchy'. but it's getting easier. stay tuned!

bucky - no pressure makes it easy, and i do love sketching/dreaming up new characters, usually variations on a theme. a few of which will be appearing in comic strips, sooner rather than later.

marco - thanx for the kind words - they love you to!

brian - sexy dames and hook-handed killers - throw in a stitched together monster and a spooky graveyard, and shane is a happy man.