Thursday, October 25, 2007

Albion Unseen Part 2

The Spider went thru a few variations; starting thin, wiry and almost 'elfin' in appearance, then like Nosferatu with hair. But Alan wanted him to look more 'statuesque' and noble; a lot more meat on his bones and plenty of muscle. I preferred the more, well, 'spidery' look, but didn't want to argue with Alan, in case he put a hex on me...
Incidentally, The Spider was supposed to have a deathly pallor, but Wildstorm chose to ignore the colour notes. Here's the final 'beefy' version.

Dr.'Ratty' Rat was another joy to draw(from the pages of Cor!!) - however brief, just wished we could've got a 'flashback' with him against 'The Agents Of BIFF (The British Institute For Foiling Felonies)'.

The Steel Claw had an ash-blond crew cut originally, but it was decided it was too similar to his cellmate pal, Tim Kelley.

And a referance guide of his claw for Dave Gibbon's cover to #6.

And, The Cloak. Sadly. Other than two very fleeting glimpses, he didn't feature in the story. But i did get to speak with the characters creator; Mike Higgs - who gave me his blessing and shared a coupla entertaining anecdotes from the glory days of British comics, nice bloke.

If you want to know a lot more about all the classic - and not so classic - IPC/Fleetway/Oddhams characters, there's a great site over at;

More 2moro.


paulhd said...

That's some fantastic Steel Claw art.
Only seen a couple episodes of The Cloak, would love to see more. The Titan reprints are really nice, but some chunky little collection like Dark Horse are doing with their Harvey Comic reprints would be lovely.

shane oakley said...

ullo, paul. yeah, totally agree, i'd be happy with them in the style of the Marvel Essentials; cheap paper, but loads of pages. DC/Wildstorm has a vault full of this stuff,but they seem to be sidestepping the humour strips, shame, cus there's some corkers.