Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I love October for lots of reasons; those gorgeous autumn skies you get in the late afternoon; the way the air seems to always smell of bonfires; the slow-spin fall of gold and orange leaves - but mostly it's cus the shops are full of plastic skulls, Frankenstein masks and monster bats!

For Halloween i offer a pic of The Shape - better known as Michael Myers. John Carpenters movie blew me away and however many times i see it, I'm always left impressed. And unlike it's imitators,(including the misguided 'white trash' remake)it's a film with genuine mood and tension; with a cast that you care about, and a 'Bogeyman' that is truly frightening.

Have a good un!


Hobo Divine said...

Your artwork is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

shane oakley said...

thankyou, hobo.